Billboard Rentals

The process:

1. Contact us at 434-665-4836 or robert@semediacorp.com to make sure we have space available for the dates you would like to advertise. You can also download a information flyer HERE

2. We will email you an advertising contract which you will have seven (7) days to sign and scan back (with any artwork, logo, pictures, etc) via email. This lets the buyer know we have reserved advertising space and lets us know the buyer has committed to advertise. Your advertising space has not been reserved unless both parties have signed the contract. 

3. Once the contract has been signed, we will email the buyer an invoice for the 1st months rent. The invoice must be paid (7) days prior to the start of the advertisement. Payment can be made via check, credit card, or ACH bank transfer. If the buyer is paying by check, receipt will be emailed to you. If paying via credit card or ACH bank transfer you can make a payment online and print a receipt after payment has been submitted. 

4. If SouthEastern Media is designing your advertisement we will email you proofs to review and make adjustments if need be. 

5. Your ad will be posted on the date specified in the contract and a confirmation picture will be emailed to you. Just like the one below.

Thank you for choosing SouthEastern Media! We appreciate your business! 

Do you know of a non-profit or charitable organization that could benefit from billboard advertising? 

We want to help! SouthEastern gives to the community by offering non-profit organizations digital outdoor advertising.                 Contact our office for details today!