Why We Gave Away $100 To Someone for Looking At Our Billboard...


Robert Harding is our first $100 winner of the


From an outside perspective, the Big Buck$ Billboard Game may seem like it’s just a fun way to give away money. However, there is more meaning behind this entertaining game than that. This game is a tool to not only get more people to look at the advertisements, but it is also an avenue to keep people looking at our billboards consistently as they drive. All of our billboard locations are either directly at, or very close to stoplights. They naturally catch everyone’s attention because of their placement. However, we’re always thinking outside the box and asking ourselves how we can get even more people to look at our billboards.

We actually got this idea for the Big Buck$ Billboard Game from the radio industry. Radio stations will commonly give away cash or prizes to listeners for guessing correct answers to games they play on the air. Obviously, radio stations wouldn’t be offering these games to listeners if they were ineffective. While listening to the radio games, listeners are also exposed to business advertisements that are played. This of course will convert to more business for their advertisers, the advertisers purchase more ads from the radio station, and the cycle continues.

We posted our “Call to win $100” artwork on our Enterprise Drive digital billboard in Lynchburg, VA. Shortly after, we had our winning caller. Mr. Robert Harding, a Lynchburg native, was the first winner of the Big Buck$ game. Mr. Harding said that winning the $100 “made his day.”

Our intentions are to make this a reoccurring game. Be sure to Like our Facebook and Instagram pages, @southeastern_sign, for more details on future contests. Visit SouthEasternSign.com for more info and rules on giveaway contests.

Three unique ways digital billboards can impact your business

Digital billboards are still relatively new to the outdoor advertising industry. The SouthEastern Media Blog was started to help educate potential advertisers on the possibilities of digital billboard advertising. On today's blog, we're going to talk about three unique ways digital billboards can impact your business. 

1. Timed Countdowns -

Let's say you have a grand opening or special event coming up and you would like to get the word out in a unique way. A countdown clock can be inserted into your digital billboard ad to do just that. The clock will countdown to a specific date and time, with options for counting days, hours, and minutes. This is a great way to build hype and anticipation about your big day. 

2. Multiple Ads, One Slot - 

Most digital billboards have 6, 10 second advertising slots in a rotation. Therefore, each advertiser will have a 10 second ad per minute. However, at SouthEastern Media, we allow you to have up to 4 advertisements within your slot at no extra charge. So, instead of the same ad rotating every minute it will take 4 minutes to cycle through all 4 advertisements. This works great if you have multiple products or events to advertise and also helps to break down the cost if you would like to split a slot with another department within your company.

3. No Cost Ad Swap -

With traditional static billboards once you print and post an ad there's no going back. At SouthEastern Media, we allow you to swap a new ad as often as once per 7 days. Basically, if you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop you can create a new ad and email it to us to be posted. If you are not familiar with photoshop - no worries, we include basic graphic design free of charge. Just email us your logo, picture, or anything else you would like on your ad and we'll take care of the rest. 

As always, if you have any questions about digital billboards or how they can impact your business, feel free to contact us anytime at 434-665-4836 or robert@semediacorp.com. We're here to better serve you. 

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